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Canadian.Me Site Launch Status

Identities have been awarded to all contest participants. Site launch has been delayed until mid to late August. Several identities have already been activated, so if you would like to start using your email address now, just let us know.

We are busy working on your new landing page and have some sneak previews for you here, here and here. We have an assortment of backgrounds available too (click the image gallery icon below), while even more information is now available by clicking the [Help] icon.

One of innovative things we are doing is linking social connections and contact information from .tel domains. These are fairly new and are destined to become the world's global phone book (for both personal and business use). We have automatically given all contest winners their own .tel page for personal use. Click to learn more about [.Tel domains].

Social connection and contact icons are
populated in real-time from the .Tel
domain associated with an identity.